Re: American Indians skin tone and the Vikings

Ralph T. Edwards (
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 16:32:02 GMT

In article <>, (Fridrik Skulason) wrote:

> >I believe the lightening of the American Indian skin tone may have been
> >caused by the presents of the Vikings all along the 45th parallel.
> yeah, sure....
> However, you there is no evidence whatsoever for this, I don't think anybody
> will take this opinion seriously...
> -frisk

Indeed, the recent PBS program "Vikings in America" seemed to say there is
historical and archeological evidence for only a few attempts to colonize
America. Most trips were to cut wood for use in Greenland.
The few colonization attempts seem to have been cut short by mutual suspicion
and savagery (normal for the age). There appears to be some evidence for
trade in the period 1000-1300.
On the whole, the contact seems minimal, or that was the impression given.
They only described one site with evidence of long term occupation (large
sod houses with Viking artifacts). Was my impression incorrect?

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