re: Chris Brochu (was: Re: AAT)

chris brochu (
19 Sep 1995 22:28:42 GMT

Ok, call me a liar. There's nothing like a big bowl of words to eat to
move one to comment. Still, if my advisor catches me doing this instead
of my dissertation, he'll break my thumbs.

I obviously had a poor understanding of what the diving reflex was, and I

As for what the previous poster described - this is even weaker evidence
for the AAH than what I discussed.

*Any* endothermic tetrapod will concentrate blood in the viscera and
brain when faced with a sudden drop in external temperature. It may not
have been measured in non-human hominoids, but it's well-known from a
wide variety of mammals and birds. Metabolism can only take place within
a particular range of temperature; if something happens to quickly
disrupt the equilibrium between the body and the outside, the body
automatically decides to protect its brain and vital organs. Ever notice
that your fingers and toes get cold before your chest does, no matter how
many gloves you have on?

Immersion in water - whether by the whole animal or a part of it -
represents just such a drop in temperature.

I really must stop this.