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18 Sep 95 23:20:20 GMT

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> glenn r morton ( wrote:
> : I have asked this on a couple of other boards. What is the oldest art
> : associated with either H. erectus or Neanderthal? I say a show where
> : I thought, Desmond Morris said that the oldest art object was the
Golan Venus
> : figurine which dated from 330,000 B.P.

I also saw the show, thought I dpn't remember the exact date! It may have
been 80,000 yrs. or something: I think it was withing Hamo Sapiens

> Perhaps he said 30,000 years ago.

No, it was a HUGE gap between it and other known art.

> I have heard that Neanderthal
> produced no art. For that matter, modern humans produced no art
> at that time (40kya) either.
> - Bearcat

This is the point that should be stressed. An popular article recently
stated that Neanderthals went extinct because their tool culture was
inferior and they had no art, for instance: evidence of total cultural
inferiority. But Homo Sapiens didn't have art either at that time!

Ramona Boersma