Re: AAT Theory

H. M. Hubey (
18 Sep 1995 02:07:55 -0400

Paul Crowley <> writes:

>It seems to me that a complete change of lifestyle is needed. Regular
>wading in deep water would do it; the apes would have to keep their heads
>up. But how could regular wading form part of a million year lifestyle?

I also think that the scenario produces a brutally efficient
selection mechanism. First of all if there was an attack from
some nearby cats, they'd get the ones with short legs who'd
be forced to stay nearer the shore. The bigger ones would
wade in deeper to escape while the cats got their lunch from
the little ones. Under this scenario, there'd be a premium
on long legs, in addition to being taller, since they'd
wade into deeper water and further from the shore while their
little cousins became breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In addition, water would make it easier for them to stand
up (eventually) by supporting their weight. Furthermore, this
posture would/could lead to the straightening out of the
pelvis for a completely bipedal streamlined look.


Regards, Mark