Re: AAT Theory

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19 Sep 1995 12:45:27 GMT

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>Moore) wrote:
>> But of course Morgan would have it that if you die in hospital;
>> you must have spent most of your life there. ;-)
>I would have thought the logic was that we all lived in cemeteries!
>(Probably the place where the AAT nonsense really belongs)
>Hey, what am I saying. Here is my opportunity for a little fame!
>Clearly neither the savanah theory nor the AAH can adequately deal
>modern humans. The modern human is, from the overwhelming body of
>evidence concerning skeletal locations, both modern and ancient, a
>subterranean dweller. He and she didn't go from the trees to the land
>the water. Nope, it was straight underground for all of our ancestors,
>baby. Perhaps this could explain the contemporary penchant for
>underground car parks.
>Surely someone must have isolated the underground car park gene by
>Anybody know of any relevant research?
>Rod Hagen
>Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia

..and could this be the reason that you are living down under? ;-)