Re: AAT Theory

Rod Hagen (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 11:29:36 +1000

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Moore) wrote:

> But of course Morgan would have it that if you die in hospital;
> you must have spent most of your life there. ;-)

I would have thought the logic was that we all lived in cemeteries!
(Probably the place where the AAT nonsense really belongs)


Hey, what am I saying. Here is my opportunity for a little fame!

Clearly neither the savanah theory nor the AAH can adequately deal with
modern humans. The modern human is, from the overwhelming body of
evidence concerning skeletal locations, both modern and ancient, a
subterranean dweller. He and she didn't go from the trees to the land or
the water. Nope, it was straight underground for all of our ancestors,
baby. Perhaps this could explain the contemporary penchant for building
underground car parks.

Surely someone must have isolated the underground car park gene by now!
Anybody know of any relevant research?


Rod Hagen
Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia