Re: 4. Morgan quotes Denton

Elaine Morgan (
Sat, 16 Sep 1995 15:33:30 GMT

In article: <> (J.
Jdm denounces me, as frequently, with bell book and candle.

In order for science to continue to advance on any front it is necessary
for the following exchange to take place from time to time:

A: You were quite mistaken about that.

B: I stand corrected. Optional addition: Thank you for bringing it to my

Like Phil Nicholls some time ago on eccrine sweating, you issued that
challenge and received that response, plus the addendum. Unlike Phil or
anyone else on the channel, you want to change the formula to read:

A; You are a wicked liar, you are devious and deliberately deceitful,and
malignantly motivated. You should eat dirt and wear sackcloth and ashes
for the next twelve months.

B: True O king. Live for ever.

This makes it very tempting to let everything with your name on top of it
go unread as hate mail. That would be a pity, because on this occasion
you were right, the case does need amending, and if I had not read your
contribution I would not have realised it. But I do wish you would sound
a bit less like the Witchfinder General.