Dating post correction

J. Moore (
Fri, 15 Sep 95 10:36:00 -0500

Al Zeller e-mailed me to correct a mistake I made in my
description of K/Ar dating; he points out that I screwed up and
got it backwards when I said that the potassium was changing to
argon and therefore less argon=older. It's the opposite, as he
explains below:

Ze> From: (Al Zeller (517)333-6395, fax 353-5967,
Ze> Your recent post re argon dating was backwards: the less argon, the
Ze> younger the sample. Argon is the daughter of 40K, so the more time
Ze> has to decay the greater the concentration of argon relative to
Ze> potassium.

Ze> Al Zeller

For the poster of the original question, this still means that
what they're looking for is the relative amount of argon in the
sample. Thanks to Al Zeller for correcting this.

Jim Moore (