Re: oldest art.( Venus)

GRMorton (
15 Sep 1995 03:19:36 -0400

Vincent Deluca wrote:
> I believe the true date is 30,000 years for the Venus.

>One of the earliest works of representational art, the Venus of
>Willendorf, was found in Austria and dates to between 30,000 and 25,000
>bc. Devoid of facial features, the figurine has pendulous breasts and a
>huge, perhap
>s pregnant, belly; its exaggerated sexual characteristics are believed
>to denote fertility. Many figures with similar characteristics have
>been found from Russia to France.

Considering he used the phrase "a quarter of a million years" earlier than
any other art either he was wrong or this is not the venus figure I am
looking for. If he had just given an age I would think you are correct.
But using the phrase he did, I am trying to find this in the literature.
Especially knowing who he is.