Re: Neanderthals...

Alex Duncan (
15 Sep 1995 02:20:45 GMT

In article <435ohh$> Aila Korhonen, writes:

>1. Geographical separation of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens for
>two million years sounds convincing for splitting them to different
>species. Anyway, if the separation was complete, there was no
>pressure to _develop_ mating hindrances between them. Instead, if the
>speciation occured in the same area and was based on differences in
>living habits, such hindrances should be advantageous. They would
>help to avoid crossings that were inferior to both parental types.
>Those different looking apes wandering, but not breeding together
>(and maybe specializing in different food) is a good example. Goat
>and sheep are another. Any population geneticists out there?

Where'd you get 2 Myr? Most of the evidence I'm aware of suggest
possible separation by 300 kyr, or perhaps a little older, depending on
how old you think Petralona might be.

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