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J. Moore (
Thu, 14 Sep 95 09:36:00 -0500

El> J.D. Moore on salt. Very good, though over-repetitive. I see now that
El> I was certainly selective on this issue and overplayed it.

That's an interesting way of (not) saying you made claims which were
contradicted by your own supposed source. You made several points
and each was diametrically opposed to the source you claimed supported
them. "Selective" and "overplayed"? The only real possibilities are
"deliberately misrepresented" or "stupidly misread extremely clear
source". I don't know which it was, but neither possibility speaks
well for your methods.

Citing Denton as your source, you said that in humans, innate
physiological reactions to salt had been lost, and that this was a
"specifically human characteristic -- the fact that we have no
instinctive awareness of the state of the sodium balance in our
bodies", while Denton actually said the exact opposite, that "in
the human case, the cultural influences are acting in the context
of an innate propensity", and that this was an "overall innate
organization dedicated to salt ingestion along with the elements
determining appetite response to sodium deficiency and to the
hormones of the reproductive process."

El> You slightly overplay your
El> own hand by omitting the material from Haldane etc. but undoubtedly this

This is because I didn't look up the Haldane quote; every quote of
yours that I have looked up has been altered, had critical context
left out, or had, as in the Denton quote, phony "context" added.
It doesn't make one long to spend hours in a library poring
through works to find sources without having page numbers, or even
titles, as is invariably the case for the sources in your writing.

El> When all instances of this
El> vice have been eliminated from the AAT case it will be interesting to
El> see how much remains. Maybe no more than 86%?
El> Elaine

Given that everything of yours that I've looked up so far has been
fatally flawed, I wouldn't hold out hope for that number even with
a decimal point in front of it.

By the way, nice to see you agreeing to drop yet another phoney tactic:
El> Alex. "This is getting tiresome.." Okay, sorry. It won't get tiresome
El> any more on that front. I solemnly swear never again to use the words
El> "savannah theory" without clear and specific indication that the idea is
El> obsolete. You can't imagine how strange it feels to be saying that. I
El> fought the thing for twenty years, and it was like fighting Godzilla.
El> Elaine

The "savannah theory" in the terms Alex was talking about was dead
long before you showed up; it happened during the mid-60s. The
"savannah theory" you were fighting was your own invention, built
by you as a strawman for you to knock down. That knocking down such
a flimsy structure was like "fighting Godzilla" for you is, I
suppose, yet another indication of your demonstrated lack of
research skills.

Of course, since on the 20th of July you claimed you were going to
"drop out of debates" here and simply "answer qeuries - but not
arguments - by e-mail" and promptly reneged on that welcome
pledge, I won't hold my breath on this latest one either.

Jim Moore (

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