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12 Sep 1995 23:13:42 GMT

In <434fle$> (glenn r morton) writes:
>I have asked this on a couple of other boards. What is the oldest art
>associated with either H. erectus or Neanderthal? I say a show
>I thought, Desmond Morris said that the oldest art object was the
Golan Venus
>figurine which dated from 330,000 B.P.
> Has anyone heard of this, know what excavation/archaeologist
might be
>involved? I am looking for documentation of this or any other ancient
art object.

I believe the true date is 30,000 years for the Venus.

One of the earliest works of representational art, the Venus of
Willendorf, was found in Austria and dates to between 30,000 and 25,000
bc. Devoid of facial features, the figurine has pendulous breasts and a
huge, perhap
s pregnant, belly; its exaggerated sexual characteristics are believed
to denote fertility. Many figures with similar characteristics have
been found from Russia to France.

See also Paleolithic Art; Sculpture.

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