Re: AAT Theory

H. M. Hubey (
11 Sep 1995 21:29:31 -0400

>Wegener asked a good question - why all the continents looked as if
>they fitted together, not just in general outline, but matching in
>geological detail and parallelism of wildlife. He came up with a good

In the end the same logic is used here as in physics, as in
mathematics, and as in whodunits and in court trials.

We accumulate a mass of evidence much of which seems to
correlate in a strange way and ask the question of whether
all of this is due to chance.

As you wrote above anyone who noticed it would have asked
"Why did the continents look as if they fitted together?"

Or one might ask;

"Why do Sanskrit, Iranian and Latin seem to have so many
words that resemble each other?"


"Why is it that so man animals that seem to like the water seem to
share so many characteristics?"

Is it all an accident?

It's no different than asking if apples, rocks, bananas and
so many other things fall down and never up.


Regards, Mark