Re: AAT Theory

11 Sep 1995 09:53:41 GMT

H. M. Hubey ( sez:
`I guess she agrees with the founder of AAT that humanoids went
`beyond just living around the shore; maybe like rhinos,or
`polar bears, or sea otters. How much change probably depends on
`the time (i.e. the level of development or evolution of the
`animal in question).[........] If the
`animals had already evolved a great deal then maybe only small
`changes would have taken place (polar bears, otters, beavers,
`rhinos) and might not be visible in the fossil record since
`it doesn't make its way into the bone structure.

Umm, just what level of aquatic activity do you ascribe
to rhinos?

`It's easy to make mistakes and also to change them :-)..
`Lord Kelvin calculated the age of the earth (using what was
`known about conduction and convection) to be about 5,000
`years old. He was off by a factor of about a million! But then
`nothing was known about radiation at the time. We only remember
`Kelvin's "great" contributions!

Rather off topic, but his number was in the millions of years
(he wasn't a judeo-christian apologist) and he knew about
all three methods of heat dissipation, including radiation.
What he was missing was radioactivity.

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