Re: DISCOVER/Neanderthal/Homo Sap.

7 Sep 1995 22:16:47 GMT

In article <>, (erin rebecca miller) writes:
>While I agree with your comments, I disagree with your interpretation of
>this thread. What I have seen is not a bunch of people ridiculed (the
>opposite if anything), but I have seen a number of people who are well
>versed in the issues at hand attempt to explain them to people who have
>legitimate questions. BUT, a number of those explanations have been met
>with "But I saw it on TV." I have seen "pop" arguments made, but when
>asked for examples to back their beliefs, the response is "I saw someone
>on TV mention it, and don't really remember the specifics." Or an issue
>which is under intense debate at the moment be pooh-poohed away with "oh
>that has been disproven ages ago by people." Huh, what? It is one thing to
>say "I saw it on TV and I find this interesting" but it is another to say
>"your arguments (with citations and backing) are nonsense *because* I saw
>another point on TV."

Agreed! I have seen alot of that. I have also seen some who seem to know
better sink to name calling and such (Well, I guess that even happens among
the "established authorities", eh? So what should we expect of students?)
You have a valid point. However, I originally jumped into that debate
'cause I thought you slammed down that first questioner (the one asking
why Neandertals and humans couldn't have mated) rather hard. I guess I'm
sensitive to naive questions, dealing, as I often do, with alot of non-
major freshman who ask similar things in all sincerity! It was my intent
also to point out that we just don't know the truth, so why not ask the
questions? But, since then, I must say, I have enjoyed the resulting
debate! One of the fun parts of the internet is the meeting of those
who study subjects and those who see them on TV. And sometimes, perhaps,
those TV watchers can bring in some fresh viewpoints, free, as they are,
from careful training in the "right" questions to ask. That's not to
say that any TV program can be supposed to present a completely accurate
picture of anything!
Enjoyed chatting with ya!