Grad Shools

H. M. Hubey (
7 Sep 1995 20:46:02 GMT writes:
>I am looking for a good graduate school for Physical Anthropology. I am
>very interested in the evolution of the brain, but I find all aspects of
>human evolution interesting. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate
>any information Emailed to me. --
> "I love mankind; it's people I can't stand"
>Shawn Darren Hurst Charles Schultz

As I've said elsewhere, DON'T concentrate on the school, but find the right professor.

It is most important that you find someone who can offer you the guidance that you
need and that is active in the fields you want to enter. You need access to sites (if
you want to do field work), funding, teaching experience, etc. You also need somebody
who will be concerned enough to guide you without dominating.

The shool is then secondary.