Amateur Archeology Info Needed

Xavier (
5 Sep 1995 01:55:17 GMT

At risk of being stoned for asking the question in the realm of
professionals, what internet sources are available for aspiring
amateur archeologists dealing with current topics
of interest relating to the US, Canada, and Mexico?

For example, questions like:

Folsom and Clovis arrow, atlatl, and spear points
apparently are some of the earliest (8,000-12,000
years old?). Have these been found in all states?
If not, which ones? Does carbon dating support the
theory that most of the first native americans came
across the Bering Strait?

If the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas were so "advanced," what
happened to their predecessors in the USA that they didn't have
all the fancy temples, calendar stones, etc., etc.?

What about artifact trade shows? Which are the best
(i.e., the ones that have the most to see?)

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