Re: DISCOVER/Neanderthal/Homo Sap.

H. M. Hubey (
4 Sep 1995 02:41:20 -0400 (Gerrit Hanenburg) writes:

>Mark,exactly which fossil specimens do you think are "transitional" between
>Neanderthals and modern humans?

Sorry, I can't tell you. I saw this on one of the channels (TLC?
or Discovery?) and there were interviewers with people among them
I think were Trinkhaus, and Wolpoff. I think it was Wolpoff
that pointed to a whole bunch of them and showed a couple (few?).

BTW, the guy who was pushing the non-talking Neanderthal (i.e. more
like an ape) was Lieberman and even wrote a book, but changed his
mind later and claimed that the Neanderthals' vocal tract
would have been equivalent to a 5-year old child's. So the
stuff about Neandertals being more like apes is done with.
Considering the earliest nonsense about them, it seems like
things are slowly moving in the other direction.

The African Eve thing was pretty much fudged. It was so obvious
I could spot it immediately. It was too good to be true. People
only seem to want to produce more and more results like the
expected ones. It's only a few people who only look at what
the facts are instead of twisting them into the standard mold.


Regards, Mark