Re: Hominid Altitudinal-Latitudinal Adaptations

28 Oct 1996 23:34:30 -0500

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<> writes:

>It seems reasonable to me that the most parsimonious reason for the naked
>body of Homo sapiens is because we wear clothes. At some point in human
>evolution, hominids took to wearing clothes (obviously). With clothes
>taking over (for the most part) the job of insulation of the body, it
>became hairless. This was reinforced by the
>fact that sweating became far more efficient. So a clothes-wearing
>would benefit from nakedness both in the summer and the winter.
>Does this make to much sense for some of you?

Why would a creature with a perfectly good coat of hair (or fur) decide to
invent clothing? This theory should be called the "Fashion Ape Theory" or