Re: Modern Neanderthals?

Phillip Bigelow (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 18:13:38 -0700

Domingo Martinez-Castilla wrote:
> I find extremely amusing the willingness of some people of European descent
> to find in themselves so-called Neandertal traits.


> Why not, as I proposed in
> this very newsgroup several months ago, carrying out a true study on
> anatomical characteristics of people in areas where Neandertals have been
> found (I mean, dead ones)? Why nobody, even a little seriously, attempts
> that?

I think that one reason why this thread hasn't gone in that direction
is because there are probably more cultural anthropology buffs on this
newsgroup than there are paleontology buffs.

> It is always "I knew one guy that..." or "I do have this funny browridge...",
> but never "there is this population,,," or even family.

It reminds *me* of those people who claim to have had "past lives".
The "past lives" that these people talk about are *always* extremely
romantic, adventureful, and otherwise more interesting than the
dull and prosaic life they are presently living.
I have *never* heard any of these people relate that they lived a
"past life" as a poor hungry homeless diseased person in Calcutta.
It cracks me up sometimes.

> Or may it be a strong desire to be descended from something not African?

Sadly, there may indeed be a smidgen of subliminal desire in some
Analogy: Consider how many European nationalities claim to have been
the first to have beaten Columbus to North America! <grin>
Last count: about four.

The whole thing would be funny if it weren't so blatantly