Re: Modern Neanderthals?

David O' Bedlam (
22 Oct 1996 02:46:57 GMT

David Sierra <> wrote:

>common group of ancestors for all human populations. Again, this doesn't
>exactly say that H.n. and H.s. were incapable of interbreeding, but it
>does suggest that there isn't a large reseviour of H.n. genetic material
>floating around in the H.s. genome, as would be expected if significant
>amounts of interbreeding had gone on, implying reproductive isolation.
OR, logically enough, common ancestors for both "Cro Magnons" and
"Neanderthals" -- which could make the difference not one between
species but one between BREEDS such as that beween Chihuahuas and
Golden Retrivers, that can indeed mate productively despite heaps
of obvious physical difficulties inherent in the act itself.

Note that I'm neither a scientist nor a logician, only a guy with
a working knowledge of semantics and "common sense."

>Any comments on my reasoning?

What reasoning?