Re: Modern Neanderthals?

Rohinton Collins (
18 Oct 1996 22:59:51 GMT

Some of us consider, because of recent finds and a correspondingly greater
understanding of hominid phylogeny, the Neanderthals not to be a
sub-species of Homo sapiens. Morphological, cultural, and cognitive
differences lead some of us to de-couple the Neanderthals from being a
sub-species of Homo sapiens. It's the Australopithecus / Paranthropus issue
revisited, I guess.

Basically, taxonomy should reflect relationships in phylogeny, and to my
mind, since the Neanderthals had a different origin from archaic stock than
Homo sapiens, this should dictate a classification of Homo neanderthalensis
and NOT Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.

You may say why rock the boat? Well I'm not alone. And if this is a strong
enough 'meme' ;) then maybe it will catch on. It is, after all, shorter, as
well as being more descriptive of phylogeny

D K Murray <> wrote in article
> When did Hom.Sap.Nean. become Hom.Nean.? Did I miss something?