Re: Modern Neanderthals?

Dan Barnes (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 15:20:08 GMT

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>On 10 Oct 1996, HARRY R. ERWIN wrote:
>> Nick Maclaren ( wrote:
>> : are we QUITE certain that we do not have some Neanderthal ancestry
>> : ourselves?
>> I believe late intermediates are known in eastern Europe and western Asia
>> but not in western Europe.
>I'd be interested to know which to material you are refering here. I know
>that in the past people have suggested that the Predmost material is
>transitional, but even a cursory glance at skulls from there shows that
>they are fully modern (or at least as modern as any H.s.s. was in the
>Palaeolithic). Are there any more convincing examples?
The common sites claimed are Mladec, Stetten/Vogelherd, Hahnofersand and
many more. I am studying Mladec at the moment and so I have some
knowledge of the site. Brauer who believes in replacement with interbreeding
thinks that only Hahnofersand shows proper signs of N interbreeding. Pavlov,
Predmosti, Dolni Vestonice, Willendorf, Brno are all Pavlovian sites and are
later than the Aurignacian ones mentioned above. However, it is also claimed
that they show some signs (bun, brows, etc) that link them with Ns.
The sites that Nick referes to are probably Krapina and Vindija but these are
very fragmentary.

I'm a bit pushed for time but I can discuss this further here or at the Neanderthal
Message Board of the Origins of Humankind site.