Re: Modern Neanderthals?

Stephen Barnard (
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 20:22:01 -0800

Ross Russell wrote:
> "Aurelius M." <> wrote:
> > <snip> ... Modern
> >day humans will have sex with most anything. That they would
> >not have sex with Neanderthal's is absurd. Neanderthals were
> >probably killed off by modern Homo Sapiens, yet as none PC as
> >it is to say........The women were probably raped and thus
> >the Neanderthal line continues. Remember we are the same
> >"Animal" that exterminated millions of Jewish People. Would
> >we have been more civilized 30,000 years ago. I think not!!!
> But the record says that Neanderthal and H s were in the same areas
> for thousands of years and remained seperate. What if one was hairy
> and could not talk and the other was not hairy and could talk.
> Interbreeding by Mutual consent would be unlikely. In the case of
> rape, what would happen to the offspring?
> Would the reaction of other H s in the band to a hybrid be much
> greater than that of any other animal. Pure bred dogs treat mongrels
> the same as any other dog. But would H s? I suspect that the level of
> human intelligence would be such that hybrids would either be killed
> at birth or treated as such outcasts that they would leave few if any
> descendants.

Perhaps (a favorite word in this ng) they could interbreed but produce
only sterile offspring. Just read Jean Auel. She has all the answers.

Steve Barnard