Re: Modern Neanderthals?

Ross Russell (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 00:54:10 GMT

"Aurelius M." <> wrote:

> <snip> ... Modern
>day humans will have sex with most anything. That they would
>not have sex with Neanderthal's is absurd. Neanderthals were
>probably killed off by modern Homo Sapiens, yet as none PC as
>it is to say........The women were probably raped and thus
>the Neanderthal line continues. Remember we are the same
>"Animal" that exterminated millions of Jewish People. Would
>we have been more civilized 30,000 years ago. I think not!!!

But the record says that Neanderthal and H s were in the same areas
for thousands of years and remained seperate. What if one was hairy
and could not talk and the other was not hairy and could talk.
Interbreeding by Mutual consent would be unlikely. In the case of
rape, what would happen to the offspring?

Would the reaction of other H s in the band to a hybrid be much
greater than that of any other animal. Pure bred dogs treat mongrels
the same as any other dog. But would H s? I suspect that the level of
human intelligence would be such that hybrids would either be killed
at birth or treated as such outcasts that they would leave few if any


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