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>> >I have a degree in physics. I find it interesting that
creationists are
>> >now attacking not just the origin of species but also the origin of
>> >universe. I don't know what to do about this creeping ignorance
but it's
>> >amazing that a technological superpower like the United States
can't do a
>> >better job educating its children. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, we
>> >all hang together or we will all hang seperately.
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>> First, learn how to spell (start with sep a rate).
>> Second, understand that the basics of religion are that followers
>> faithfully espouse all that they are taught concerning that religion
>> and refute all that is not within that religion's teaching.
>> there is no such logical proof that can dispel one's religion-based
>> knowledge. Hence, even if you could conclusively prove that
>> is fact, religionists will then only admit that it wasn't evolution,
>> but god's will. A never ending circle.
>> On the other hand, what ever happened to the idea of separation of
>> church and state? The more the government gets away from religion,
>> closer it really gets to religion, case in point: abortion. The
>> entire issue of abortion revolves ONLY on the premise of of ones
>> religion. If one is religious, one MUST believe that abortion is
>> detestable. So, then, why is the government even concerning itself
>> with the issue?
>> If there is truly to be a separation of church and state, why, then,
>> are states, such as New Mexico teaching that which is solely
>> teaching, i.e., creationism?
>> Separation of church and state is EXACTLY that, separation of church
>> and state.
>> You can't have it BOTH ways, folks.
>Repeating once again that this is a sci ng, not talks.origin or some
>ng devoted to pointless arguments about church and state. Please move
>your inane arguments about government and abortion to a more
>Al Zeller

Blow me.