Re: Guide for anti-AATers

Phillip Bigelow (
28 Oct 1995 15:01:23 -0700

I wrote:

>> I submit that the AAT IS falsifiable, but on more fundamental grounds:
>>If physiologists can show that it is physiologically impossible for an
>>aquatic hominid to weigh less than 100 pounds, be hairless, have around 12 %
>>body fat, and still have their core temperature be in thermal equilibrium
>>with ambient water temperature, then the entire theory is falsified. At
>>best, the theory would have to be greatly revised, with the "hairless" part
>> <pb> (H. M. Hubey) writes:
>I don't see how it's possible. The key here, if you're betting
>on heat loss, is the basic metabolic rate. The water temperature
>could, in this little place, have been very close to body
>temperature. They didn't have to stay in it all day long. The
>only other thing would be to change the metabolic rate to
>account for the generation of necessary heat for the heat
>balance. I don't think this would clinch it since it also
>has fiddling parameters.

You are force-fitting a scenario, which may or may not be possible, to
your pre-conceived model. It is not IMPOSSIBLE to find a body of water that
is close to 98 degrees F., but, face it LIKELY that many of these
bodies of water actually existed? How many bodies of water maintain that
temperature today?
In conducting a test for falsification, it would be better to use more
realistic water temps....such as the mean temp. of the Red Sea...which
certainly ISN'T 98 degrees F.

> Regards, Mark