Re: AAH and falsifiability

H. M. Hubey (
28 Oct 1995 15:13:34 -0400

Alex Duncan <> writes:

>lived at the correct time and place (according to Morgan) to be THE
>aquatic hominid, we might expect it to show some skeletal adaptations to
>living in the water.

Sure, I predict :-) that it will be found to have
a big hole on the top of its head for attaching a long
and hollow bone (a tube) like a snorkel so that it could
have walked around on the bottom of the water without
having to come up for air. :-)...

I also predict that it will be found to have a built
in telescoping effect like car antennas so that it would
be controlled automatically by the brain depending on the
depth at which they operated. :-)...

And yes, it had a dorsal fin that stretched all the way to
the top of its head and we'll find evidence of it because
there will be a bump running accross the top of its head
from front to back like the guy in the comic books. So if
such a thing is found, it's not because big muscles were
attached to the sides at all but it was a part of a big long
fin :-)...


Regards, Mark