Re: Guide for anti-AATers

Phillip Bigelow (
28 Oct 1995 14:54:06 -0700

Paul Crowley <> writes:

>The hairless part of the AAT is vital. Nakedness is one of our
>most extraordinary features and cries out for an explanation.

You seem to assume that hairlessness came about early in the history of
hominidae. That's fine, but you don't provide the evidence. For all we
know, hairlessness came about during the ice age. In which case your AAT
scenario becomes moot.

>The idea that a creature, with a hide as soft and as delicate
>as ours, could manage in the woodland/mosaic/savannah must be
>one of the most absurd in the history of science.

We seem to be getting along quite well today. Perhaps animal skins were
worn by our ancestors much earlier in our evolution than we presently
Face facts. We don't know. Because we don't know when hairlessness came
about, (i.e., before or after Lucy), we can't just "assume" that our
earliest ancestor was hairless.