Graduate Schools??

Melshill (
28 Oct 1995 17:49:22 -0400

I will be graduating from New York University in May, with a mojor in
Anthropology. I have decieded to pursue physical anthropology and need to
research graduate schools. I would appreciate any suggestions on good
graduate programs. I am interested in the study of human skelatal
material(as opposed to primatology)
During the interim year, between college and graduate school, I am hoping
to get involved in the community. I have some basic courses behind me in
evolution and on the information concerning diet and disease derived from
studying human bone, as well as some hands on experience in excavating
burials and the identification of skeletal material. I would like to offer
free labor to a lab doing chemical analysis studies of bone and the like.
Are there any intern opportunuities for which I could apply?
Please help an aspiring bone person!!
Thanks in advance,