Re: Repost On Predation... Re: Aquatic ape theory

H. M. Hubey (
28 Oct 1995 19:41:08 -0400

>JM> hominid population. They would've faced water-based predators which,
>JM> as has been shown in previous posts, are numerous, vicious, and do not
>JM> respond to bluff and even counterattack as readily as do land-based
>JM> mammalian predators. We also have no appropriate model for such a

Is it really true that crocs are so fearless and never run
away? They can't be that stupid as to be able to fight back
even when attacked.

Are you suggesting that this is only in water? If so, no problem
as long as it is smaller than the croc, it won't be afraid
especially if it's hungry.


Regards, Mark