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Sun, 29 Oct 1995 03:57:34 GMT (H. M. Hubey) graced us with the following

>Alex Duncan <> writes:

>>chimp quadrupedalism are about equally energetically efficient. This
>>suggests to me that australopith bipedalism was no less efficient than
>>chimp quadrupedalism (or chimp bipedalism).

>So if efficiency of chimp biped is equal to quadruped motion then
>there'd be no preference. Ditto for the australopith.

>It seems they should have stayed quadruped and not evolved in
>any direction because of motion efficiency. That's always the
>problem when taking ideas which are not really quantified and
>then turning them into binary, and then pushing a view point
>based on weak arguments.

Alex Duncan is referring to a study that actually did provide
measurements of energetic efficiency in chimpanzees. I quoted that
study in my message to Troy.


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