Re: Morgan Tears 3.

Alex Duncan (
28 Oct 1995 16:08:28 GMT

In article <> Elaine Morgan, writes:

>Question Three. Is it true that elephants weep?

"For the size of its head, an elephant has small eyes, with long lashes.
There is only a vestigial tear gland but another gland has taken over its
function. There is no tear duct and the 'tears' simply evaporate,
although they sometimes overflow and run down the cheek."

Shoshani, J (1991) Anatomy and physiology. In (Eltringham SK,
consultant) The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Elephants. New York: Crescent

It's unclear to me why AAHers would want to use elephants as an analogy
for the AAH argument, except as the very worst sort of argumentation.
Elephants are terrestrial animals. The fact that they take a bath
occasionally doesn't change that.

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