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H. M. Hubey (
24 Oct 1995 01:51:27 -0400 (Guy Hoelzer) writes:

> (H. M. Hubey) wrote:
>>Sure there is. HUmans are high up the evolutionary scale.
>>Fishes are low. So are bacteria and viruses.

>Are you suggesting that fishes, bacteria and viruses are somehow less
>evolved than humans? I think that would be a pretty bizarre notion.

The degree to which PC has invaded science never ceases to amaze
me. What now? Am I being accused of being racist toward bacteria
and fish?

"Evolution" is just a word. What exactly are we talking about?

It always helps to check a dictionary first and the some related

evolve:(biology) to develop by evolutionary processes from a
primitive to a more highly organized form.

devolution: biological degeneration, as distinguished from evolution.

I guess now the new $64K questions are;

what are;

evolutionary processes


Regards, Mark