Re: chimps on the savanna? Nooooo.....

H. M. Hubey (
26 Oct 1995 23:31:56 -0400

chris brochu <> writes:

>Actually, that's not the problem at all. The problem is that popular
>books and programs, like the CEHE, are dumbed down to the point of being

Some people might think that this whole field is a dumbed down
kind of pseudo-science or soft-science.

>of you saw the first season of "PaleoWorld," you know what I mean - that

I didn't see it. And I'm not talking about a movie. I know what
to look for when I have to buy a book. Trust me, I like this

YOu should read this book.

"There is no better single source...for finding brief, accurate,
and current synopsys of the issues, problems, and methods of
analysis within the domain of the human evolutionary studies."
Anenome, American Journal of Physical Anthro...

"...a feast of information for anyone interested in the history
of our species... If (whether student or professional) you're
interested in human evolution, you'll want to have this volume..."
Ian Tattersall, Nature

It's written by over 70 scholars over the world...

Commercial over......

Besides it's not really germane. If it's wrong then it's wrong.
If it isn't then it doesn't matter where it's written.

>Paleontology and paleoanthropology have their numerical sides, but you'd
>never know it by reading the popular literature. This is why we gripe
>when you refuse to read the primary literature - your view seems to have
>been created by a sit-com version of paleoanthropology, and a little
>research would clarify things.

I've read some of the recommended "primary" articles. There's
not much there I couldn't find in the CEHE. In fact, after reading
some of them I became even more convinced that there's a new
fad; they think that labeling and measuring every bump on every
bone in SI units and putting photos in journals is the ultimate
science, whereas about the only thing it does is make the data
available to others who can now read it and keep arguing for or
against it. Tweedle dee, tweedle dum...


Regards, Mark