Re: Paul's bizarre def, a

J. Moore (
Fri, 27 Oct 95 11:08:00 -0500

Pa> I know nothing of you personally and am addressing you a member of the
Pa> species homo.paleoanthropologist.densus.

You were flaming me personally, and the backfire burned you. If
you want to stop getting burnt, I'd suggest you stop flaming.

Pa> research on the effect of bipedalism on the sex roles/family structures
Pa> of early hominids or on some similar topic. I have seen no sign of any
Pa> such work in your postings.

So you never read any of my replies regarding altricial infants,
or home bases, etc.

Pa> Go on then, tell us about the book.
Pa> Paul.

No, it's too much fun listening to the laughter which ensues when
you flame me for not listening to feminist paleoanthropologists.
Keep it up.

Jim Moore (

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