Re: ESS (was Re: Hair loss (was Re: underwater space aliens))

H. M. Hubey (
25 Oct 1995 18:19:48 -0400 (Thomas Clarke) writes:

>My CRC tables give the thermal conductivity of air as
>0.26 mw/cm/sec/deg K. and water is 6mw/cm/sec/deg K at 300 deg K
>(nominal room temp). So freezing air would be thermal effect as
>water at about 2 degrees below body temp ... well my theory (usage
>as in physical science) needs some work, for one, I don't take
>into account radiative effects or the effects of air motion
>(wind chill) etc.

I think the boundary layer has to be taken into account.

I doubt that I'd be able to hang around on the outside
naked for too long in freezing air since I can't even
hang around even in light clothes. But at water at
96.6F just doesn't seem too cold. One of these days
I might experiment with bath water temperature :-)..

>It is a truism that in cold weather much heat loss is through the
>head .... I better stop.

I wonder about this too. It probably has to do with people
who are already well covered except for the head.


Regards, Mark