Re: chimps on the savanna? Nooooo.....

H. M. Hubey (
22 Oct 1995 16:17:41 -0400

Alex Duncan <> writes:

>abundantly clear that I could slap you in the face with a fully
>non-aquatic A. afarensis, and you'd still find some way to claim that

What is abundantly clear to me is that you still keep saying
things which don't make sense. How, pray tell, will you find
a fully non-aquatic A. afarensis? All you have are some fossils.

Are we going thru this again?

>"chimps don't go onto the savannas"

See CEHE. I can give you a page number if you insist.

CEHE=Camridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution

>someone who's going to be spending a lot of time dealing with
>evolutionary ideas should actually know a little about the subject. In

YOu seem to duck out at the first sound of "evolutionary ideas"
and keep avoiding intellectual contact except for the periodic
references to phrases like "genetic drift". When pressed you
avoid anything else that follows. Why do you do this?


Regards, Mark