Re: Hubey numbers

David Froehlich (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 15:39:30 -0500

On 22 Oct 1995, H. M. Hubey wrote:

> >> not the only way to measure things. Besides, almost everything
> >> having to do with adaptation of transducers to physical measurements
> >> seems to obey power laws and thus should tell us to use something
> >> like a decibel scale (i.e. logarithmic).
> >Do you know how evolution actually works?
> I can't understand what your problem is. Is this a standard
> line you and Duncan post everytime you run into something
> you can't understand.

You make statements about transducers and physical measurements and how
these follow power laws. I just asked if this is your model for
evolution and whether you have produced a mechanism for evolution. (By
implication your statement says that "I know how the physical laws that
govern evolution work and your ideas don't work with my physical laws)

> And yes, I think I do understand how evolution works. The
> real question now seems to be if you understand how
> evolution works.

I don't even presume to understand how everything works. That is why I
am a scientist and you are not.

I note in passing that you did not respond to my meerkat example and your
initial response to it or my comments on the bipedality of polar bears
relative to the rest of the bears.

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