Re: Tears - 1 of 2

Alex Duncan (
21 Oct 1995 18:17:13 GMT

In article <> J. Moore, writes:

>Then Frey continues with reports of other animals shedding tears:
>dogs and wolves (Cecil Reynolds 1925); seal (Ronald M. Lockley
>1966 *Grey Seal, Common Seal*); sea otter (Georg W. Stellar);
>lab rats (red tears from Harderian glands [the same types of glands
>that elephants have]) (John E. Harkness and Marcella D. Ridgeway);
>and gorilla (Dian Fossey 1983 *Gorillas in the Mist*).

Wait Jim, you fool. If dogs and wolves and gorillas shed tears, then
they also must have had aquatic ancestors. And lab rats too.

Just trying to beat Hubey to the punch here.

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