Re: Body Hair Loss in Aquatic Mammals

Phillip Bigelow (
23 Oct 1995 12:49:57 -0700 (H. M. Hubey) writes:

> (Thomas Clarke) writes:

>>Yes why did only the Australopithecus line become bipedal
>>if all it takes is an ape and savannah or a mosaic savannah?

>Yes, that's the $64 K question :-). Thank you.

>The problem is that the first idea of a great change in
>habitat (the savannah) didn't work, so the second
>try now is mosaic. But then it might not produce enough
>of a differentiation in habitat (and niche) to produce the
>new species.

You are forgetting the (very possible) possiblity that speciation may have
predated the move out of the trees. Other pressures than habitat can cause