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Tue, 17 Oct 1995 22:03:58 GMT

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> Elaine Morgan ( wrote:
> : Might it not depend on the local availability of other food sources
> : which were (a) plentiful and (b) very easy to devour, like tilapia
> Without nets and other comparatively advanced tools, a hominid trying
> catch tilapia cichlids would leave far too few offspring to found a new
> species.
> Try it sometime.
I was not suggesting that the hominids ate the tilapia fish.. This was
part of the crocodile argument. The crocodiles in the River Awash at
present eat enough fish to leave humans alone. Quote (not for the first
time:) "The muddy river is alive with crocodiles, but it is also well
stocked with their staple diet, catfish, and the ample supply of food may
explain why the Afar tribesmen fording the river with their camels and
goats, cross without apparent fear or even watchfulness".

The page reference (see how I learn!) is page 43, "africa's Rift Valley".
Time/Life Books, 1974.