Where is potassium found?

H. M. Hubey (hubey@pegasus.montclair.edu)
22 Oct 1995 01:12:34 -0400

RE: Secretion of Potassium in tears in Humans, Ostriches, etc

The posts were interesting.

I seem to recall that people on low salt diets can take
potassium. Is my recollection correct? Potassium salts
also taste like salt if I recall correctly.

Is there any place in Africa where large concentrations
of potassium salts would be found?

Are potassium salts found in sea water?

Can the kidneys get rid of potassium?

Does sweating also excrete potassium?

Are there any plants that would be rich in potassium ? IOW
not because they grow where there's potassium but they
somehow manage to concentrate potassium everywhere they grow?

Are there any animals which would be a rich source
of potassium, i.e. sea food of any kind?

Is potassium `close' to lithium i.e. can potassium salts
have effects similar to that of lithium for manic depression?

In short:
Is there any reason why potassium would be secreted?

Thank you.


Regards, Mark