Re: Thoughts on "Origins of human thought"

22 Oct 1995 19:50:13 GMT

In article <46ccv2$>, Griffin <> writes:
>Just a layman who reads a lot, responding to the discussion about the
>African grey that learned to recognize shapes etc.:
>The question is, how much is what the cat does, and how much is what we
>perceive? How much of this behavior have we unconsciously trained into
>the cats with our own behavior? "Unconscious cueing" has been used to
>train pigs and horses and other mammals for years, as I know from reading
>about sideshow acts; and probably explains most of our cats' behavior.
>How far does unconscious cueing effect bird behavior? Has anyone studied
>this? And did the woman with the African gray parrot take precautions
>against it?
>Just wondering.

These are very good questions. I don't know what precautions were taken with
the bird studies. I do have a file full of citations of articles she has
written but, as of yet, have not had time to pursue this. It is on my
"things to do list" (under my Master's thesis and dissertation research!).
This is certainly a topic that needs further research.