Re: Guide for anti-AATers

22 Oct 1995 19:39:37 GMT

In article <4685eh$>, (Phil Nicholls) writes:
>Please. If you thing this is atypical of scientific debates you
>should make it a point when attending the next AAPA meeting to sit in
>on any session involving Milford Wolpoff. Paleoanthropology is not
>unique in t his regard either.
>Headings of this sort are a Usenet tradition.

No, I wasn't implying that this sort of thing doesn't happen, only that it
really has no place in a proper scientific debate. Surely you know the
difference, Phil. Just because lots of folks stoop to it doesn't mean we
all have to emulate them. There are a lot of us who really try to avoid
such things. I personally don't believe that name-calling adds anything to
a debate, nor does it reflect well on the person doing the name-calling. It
is the sort of thing one does when they cannot think up anything better to
refute an argument -- it is far better to drown one's opponent in well-
thought out logic and reliable sources (and much more enjoyable and
informative for other to read).
Usenet is full of less scientific discussions than this particular newsgroup
is supposed to represent.