Re: Moving target? NO tar

J. Moore (
Sun, 22 Oct 95 18:14:00 -0500

Ja> I don't have all day to play around looking for references for you. I
Ja> will get around to it.

Too late, as you've seen my post by now and realise you are wrong
and, in keeping with your promise, are now giving up on the AAT.

Ja> You don't seem to realise that I'm not on this newsgroup to
Ja> convince you of AAT. I'm here to justify my belief in it and
Ja> to refute those who claim it is unfalsifiable. So the onus
Ja> is on you to convince me that AAT is crap.
Ja> James Borrett.

Uh oh. You have a quasi-religious stake in the AAT, a belief,
ala creationism. Since you are operating on the basis of belief
rather than evidence, will always be impossible to dissuade you,
no matter how much evidence is placed before you. Sad to say,
this quasi-religious belief in the AAT is common.

It would appear from your last sentence that your claims to be
interested in scientific evidence was a sham, which is a shame.

Jim Moore (

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