Re: Body Hair Loss in Aquatic Mammals

H. M. Hubey (
21 Oct 1995 11:11:39 -0400 (Phil Nicholls) writes:

>Standing erect allows you to bring your hilltop with you. If you
>spend the day just hanging out on the hill your not going to get much
>foraging done.

The scenario is as simple as that of standing in water upright
and if one is childish so is the other. Why do we still have
hair on top of the head? That would seem to be one place where
we'd be radiating plenty of heat and it should be naked also
to get rid of more heat.

I'm not even sure it's such a big deal. Legs are exposed
standing upright whereas in the quad position only the back
would be exposed and the back of the head. It might offset
the less exposure of the back. Has anyone calculated this
or done experiments?

>>This excuse, which I've read in other places, is even funnier than the
>>jibes thrown at AAT.

>Things you don't understand often seem funny at first.


Rain comes down at 70 degree angle (measured from the earth's
surface). A guy starts to run at X meters/second vs walking at
W meters/second. How much more wet does he get?

(Does this sound like catching the rays of the sun? PS. YOu could
actually have problems of this sort to solve in an undergraduate
course in fluid mechanics.)

Have fun :-)..


Regards, Mark