Re: Grandma's poodle and next door's cat.
20 Oct 1995 13:23:15 GMT (Bill Burnett) wrote:

>My next door neighbour (God rest her) had a black and white cat. This cat was
>the most sorry looking cat you've ever seen, and was in some kind of traumatic
>emotional state most of the time. It 'wept' continually. (Especially when my
>Jack Russell terrier nearly killed it one time.)
>Both these stories are *true*. You can ask my Mum.
>THIS is anecdotal "evidence".

To ignore anecdotal evidence you must first give some reasons for believing the anecdotes are
false. Yes, I'm calling your next-door neighbour a liar. You are implying that Dessmond Morris is
a liar for he says that man is the only weeping terrestrial animal known in "Bodywatching".

James Borrett.