Re: The straw man.

H. M. Hubey (
20 Oct 1995 20:02:47 -0400

David Froehlich <> writes:

>On 20 Oct 1995 wrote:

>> But many people won't consider another theory until their own is proven wrong.

>Sounds like AAS to me. Read your own statement and undertake some self
>examination please. ("prove me wrong")

Another cheap shot. Talk about living in glass houses.

1) Finding a counter example to a general statement proves the
statement wrong i.e. it is false.

2) Whatever is not false is true until shown to be false.

That is the basis of all theorizing. haven't we already beaten
this to death? There is only evidence and scenarios which describe
it. There are general rules which we use to produce these
scenarios, and which general rules hold up under scrutiny is
even sometimes challenged.


Regards, Mark