Re: lions, chimps and sticks

19 Oct 1995 17:06:36 GMT

H. M. Hubey ( wrote:
: (HARRY R. ERWIN) writes:

: >Lotka-Volterra is simplistic; so simple that it has never been a valid
: >model when compared to populations in nature. Although it has been used as

: It is simplistic. But then if the abundance of other prey was
: what saved the little wimps, then I'd guess there was some kind
: of steady-state wrt to the predators (of the wimp :-) and the
: other prey. Small scale oscillations probably occurred, but
: the prey population could have stayed abundant and shielded the
: proto-humans. I'm not sure if this is what you were saying.

Steady states don't exist in ecologies. They're nonautonomous in a deep

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